Payroll Services

Around 90% of employee disputes are avoidable so long as you can count on a professional team to verify that employee pay is correctly processed and that all remunerations comply with the agreement between the company and its employees.

This is the core part of the HR services that we offer in Barcelona, where we are also able to assess decisions on hiring new staff, existing remuneration packages and the type of contract that best suits your needs.

To help facilitate the management of your business, we will set up the monthly payments for remuneration items and social security in a current account linked to your business. This way, all the corresponding payments will be paid without you needing to think about it.

What other services do we offer for payroll processing and social security?

  • Payroll processing: We carry out the various steps, including compiling all the necessary information and adjusting the payroll to comply with company agreements and applicable legislation.

  • Calculations and payments for social security.

  • Monthly monitoring of the remuneration items file sent to social security.

  • Permanent contracts (known as ‘Entrepreneur Support Contracts’).

  • Workforce contracts, hiring and dismissal of staff and final settlements.

  • Calculation and drafting of final settlements to reduce costs and risks for the business.

  • Administrative procedures relating to social security and sick leave.

At Horus Firm, our working methodology focuses on reducing the tax burden for your company and your employees as much as possible.

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