Outsourced Accounting

Many businesses still use traditional methods in their accounting departments, where an internal accountant is in charge of compiling information to sending it to their tax advisor. This process is inefficient and increases costs.

At Horus Firm, we have a great team of accounting professionals with extensive experience in taxation and accounting matters, both essential areas of expertise for keeping your business’ accounts correct and up to date at all times.

What can we offer with our Outsourced Accounting service?

Because we are always thinking about your well-being, our outsourced accounting service includes:
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Completion and submission of tax forms Modelo 111 (Tax withholdings for workers and contractors), Modelo 303 (VAT), Modelo 359 (Intracommunity transactions) and Modelo 115 (Tax on rented establishments).
  • Accounting of invoices issued and received as well as business expenses.
  • Accounting of payslips and social security payments.

Get in contact with us and let’s take the first step towards improving your business’ accounting processes.