Income Declarations

At Horus Firm, we offer an express service to take care of your income declaration from just €36.

Do you have a query or are you unsure if you need to submit an income declaration? Get in contact with us If you have any questions about income tax or would like one of our tax advisors to take care of your declaration.

  • Pay no more than you need to.
  • We can process it online, over the phone or via video call.
  • Fast service with no waiting.
  • Expert tax advisors.

At Horus Firm, we offer a comprehensive service which starts with tax planning with savings plans, which will enable you to see the true state of your business, and then we study all applicable deductions.

  • Fair price

    We offer a fair price at just €36.00
  • Private consultation

    We will hold a consultation to study your individual case. Data confidentiality and providing a personalised service are our top priorities.
  • Privacy

    All data, documentation and information that you provide will be safe with us, and all our advisors are bound by a confidentiality agreement. You will be in good hands with our professional staff and their years of proven experience.

Give us a call and leave the whole process in the hands of our experts. With Horus Firm, you will see a significant reduction in the amount that you have to pay.

Remember that any error in the paperwork submitted to the treasury will have repercussions for your wallet. Furthermore, it is a document which is the sole responsibility of the business. So, it’s a good time to consider getting some good professional advice.

With us, you can process your income declaration:
  • Anywhere office

  • With no need for an appointment at the tax


General rate of €36

Employed (+€0)
Retired (+€0)
Unemployment benefit (+€0)
Self-employed (+€12)
Income from property rentals (+€6)
Rental contract (+€5)
Mortgage on a primary residence (+€5)
Donations (+€5)
Pension plan (+€4)
Property sales (+€15)
Pension payment (+€5)
Prizes or lottery winnings (+€8)
Sale of units or shares (from €20)

Other declarations

Joint declarations (+€10)
Declaration of assets (+€70)