HR Services

Running a business is about more than just maintaining production and capital. It is also important to look after the well-being of your employees, including managing their social security and ensuring that their salary bands correspond to the business’ sector or activity.

At Horus Firm, part of our range of services is focused on the well-being of your employees. We understand the benefits for everyone of maintaining healthy and productive working relationships

To do this, we look to find the best remuneration packages that optimise taxes for both your employees and your business, potentially reducing the tax burden for partners and directors by up to 30%.

We include services for:

  • Salary back payments following dismissals.

  • Social security.

  • Monitoring of timesheets and overtime.

  • Registration of partners and directors with social security.

  • Production of custom work calendars with public and local holidays in the autonomous communities according to the category of your business.

  • Mediation in disputes between the company and employees.

  • Conciliation procedures through CMAC (Centre for Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation).

  • Appeals to Social Security.

  • Employment law.

  • Legal processes within employment law.

  • Health and Safety.

  • Any administrative processes which need to be done in person.

Our services ensure that you will always have someone looking out for your well-being and that of your employees. But actions speak louder than words, so let us show you what Horus Firm can do for you.