Capital Increases

Did you know that there are various ways to increase capital? At Horus Firm, we have previously provided advice on funding rounds for start-ups, offsetting of payables, crowdfunding, foreign investor capital injections and the addition of new partners.

We take care of prior consultation, designing the transaction, drafting all the relevant documentation and managing the signatures and any other necessary documentation for your capital increase.

Our legal department is made up of professionals with the necessary experience to work with any type of corporate transaction. Not only this, but we will focus on the relevant tax and legal factors to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum. 

At Horus Firm, we aim to provide the greatest number of solutions, and to do this, we will adjust the share premium to ensure that share capital complies with regulations. And if you are creating a new company, we will manage the relevant investment deductions.

We can support you with any type of capital increase:

  • Foreign investor capital injections

  • Funding rounds

  • Corporate takeovers

  • Share premium calculations

  • Crowdfounding
  • Additional of new partners (natural or legal persons)

  • Offsetting of payables

At Horus Firm, our approach is orientated towards providing our services to other consultancies, service companies, industrial firms and technology companies.

Write to us. It will be a pleasure to help you with your business’ capital increase.