About our history

Horus Firm is a team of experts in taxation, accounting, HR services and legal matters, and we are passionate about getting to know our customers and their needs and helping them to develop their business and succeed.

Horus Firm is a team of experts in taxation, accounting, HR services and legal matters, and we are passionate about getting to know our customers and their needs and helping them to develop their business and succeed.

Our mission is to offer high-quality, highly personalised services and comprehensive solutions that make managing your business easier and improve results whilst constantly striving for excellence through a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Our vision is to be recognised as a firm that generates trust and satisfaction. Flexible, efficient and trustworthy are the words we want to hear from our clients when they describe us.

Our core values are dedication, consistent personalised service, reliability, flexibility and efficiency.

Horus Firm was created to attend to clients with the highest expectations and resolve business matters that require great expertise. Our aim is to help those businesses. Our staff are all highly qualified and are happy to attend to our clients in a range of languages, whether it be English, Italian, French, Spanish or Catalan.

We know the importance of good communication, and this is why we are able to resolve the issues that many businesses face when establishing themselves in Spain. Through effective communication, we build good relationships with our clients to meet their high expectations and provide excellent services in terms of tax advice, accounting, HR services and legal services. We put our clients and their needs at the very heart of everything we do, keeping ourselves constantly up to date and always striving for excellence in our day to day work.

Our clients choose us because of our dedication, flexibility, technical ability, honesty, transparency, knowledge, ability to solve problems and our passion for our work, all of which we aim to channel into our personal and professional growth.

  • Passionate about our work
  • Social corporate responsibility
  • Business planning
  • Ethical, reliable and enthusiastic

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Meet Our Team

CEO – Javier Nuñez

Francisco Javier Nuñez Zorrilla, a natural entrepreneur who designed, launched and leads the business.

He is committed to helping businesses and self-employed workers achieve their goals, accompanying them in the development of their projects and always looking for continuous improvement.

There are many ways to help people, and what better way than by helping them to realise the business project of their dreams and be successful.

Javier has a degree in Business Sciences from Pompeu Fabra University, a degree in Business Management and Administration from the Open University of Catalonia and a master’s degree in Tax Consultancy from the Centre for Financial Studies and Madrid Open University.


Accounting Tax Advisor – Jose Garrochena

Accompaniment in the process of creating your business and subsequent support for your Growth is my mission and I take great pleasure in contributing to the success of my clients. I am excited to help your business grow to the top with my experience and knowledge.


Labor Advisor — Silvana Garcia

Hello, I’m Silvana, economist, labor advisor and payroll technician. I am a professional known for my dedication to establishing trusting relationships and collaborating effectively with multidisciplinary teams. I stand out for my ability to efficiently manage payroll preparation, ensuring accuracy and regulatory compliance.


Labor Advisor — Alejandra Serrat

As a labor lawyer, I have made my passion my profession. Helping with any type of problem, I always recommend and give advice, but the client has the last word.


Business Creation Advisor- Jordana Urtizberea

As an advisor I define myself as an enthusiastic and proactive person who is committed to providing high quality service. I will always be willing to offer my help and knowledge to ensure clients achieve the success they seek.


Accounting Tax Advisor – Veronica Bordiga

My vocation to help others, along with my experience as a tax and accounting advisor, make me strive harder every day to collaborate and support our clients’ decision-making. I like to transmit my passion for the profession through predisposition and day-to-day support.


Credit Controller – Mica Dego

I am a hard-working and responsible person, with great motivation to learn and continually improve. I am passionate about challenges and I feel motivated when I have the opportunity to face new challenges and overcome them. I consider that my proactive attitude and my perseverance are two of my main strengths in the workplace.


Business Creation Advisor – Aisbel Mendez

I am an Administrative staff member and a neat enthusiast, which is a characteristic that goes hand in hand with the work I do. Always available to learn and improve the skills acquired to grow in this field and give my best in every challenge that arises along the way. I highly value teamwork, honesty and camaraderie. I consider myself a methodical, curious and observant person.


Accounting Tax Advisor – Julieta Aiassa

Hello! I am Julieta, tax advisor and accountant. I am a passionate and decisive professional. I am dedicated to guiding and helping my clients in relation to the obligations they have to comply with in terms of taxes and accounting. I believe in the importance of generating a close bond with the client, and for this I consider it essential to listen to their needs at all times and be able to provide them with immediate solutions. I am excited about the result of seeing a happy customer!


Accounting Tax Advisor— Alberto González

As a tax and accounting advisor, I am passionate about my work, guiding my clients in the day-to-day running of their businesses, researching and analyzing the best options for their proper functioning and performance.


Accounting Tax Advisor— Victoria Hayas

As an accounting tax advisor, I am passionate about helping clients by analyzing the most attractive alternatives for their company. In this way I help them in the decision-making process to grow and improve the profitability of the business.


Accounting Tax Advisor— Martin Coulleri

As an Accounting Tax Advisor, I am excited to guide and accompany freelancers and companies in their growth and projection, to achieve their maximum potential. I enjoy offering personalized advice, generating trust in clients and providing all the necessary support in their management.


Accounting Tax Advisor— Fernando Caccharelli

My entire professional career together with my training, knowledge and commitment to ethics and responsibility allows me to provide an advisory and consulting service to companies and organizations in accounting, finance and taxation. I am that strategic ally that helps you manage your financial resources efficiently to achieve business success.


Labor Advisor – Marta Garcia

Hello, I’m Marta, lawyer and labor advisor. With solid experience in the field, my proactive approach is reflected in conflict resolution and the implementation of strategies to foster productive and harmonious work environments. My goal is to continue providing practical and strategic solutions that help clients achieve their goals while maintaining the well-being of their employees.


Financial Advisor – Dario Canals Alonso 

Hello! I am Dario Canals financial consultant and credit mediator. My commitment is to help companies and self-employed people find financial solutions that adapt to their needs. With extensive experience in the financial and banking sector, where I have held positions as Company Director and Risk Analyst, they give me a comprehensive vision of the financing process. Our goal is to be your long-term financial partner.


Account Executive Advisor — Paola Monzon

I consider myself a professional, responsible person with dedication to my work. I am happy to listen to and help our clients with the attention they deserve. Always willing to acquire new knowledge that helps my personal and professional growth within the company.


Accounting Tax Advisor— Gastón Sosa

As an Accounting Tax Advisor, I am dedicated to advising and accompanying our clients on a daily basis, improving their tax situation and achieving greater profitability. Teamwork and togetherness is key to finding the best results. I consider myself responsible and committed to my clients.


Collections manager— Eilyn Diaz Alvarado

As an Accounting Tax Advisor, I am dedicated to advising and accompanying our clients on a daily basis, improving their tax situation and achieving greater profitability. Teamwork and togetherness is key to finding the best results. I consider myself responsible and committed to my clients.

Nina Gomez

Marketing – Nina Gomez

Hello! I am Nina, Marketing Leader and passionate about building effective strategies for your business. I focus on helping Startups, since I love being part of their path to success. I love taking on challenges and overcoming them. Have a coffee and tell me?

Marketing – Toni Masero

I really enjoy working with innovative early-stage companies, experiencing the hustle of startup, helping ideas grow and bringing them to reality.

Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive, transparent prices that include the whole service with no surprises or add-ons.
  • Stepped, progressive pricing which is adapted to the business’ circumstances and real workload, therefore, keeping prices fair and competitive.
  • Personalised service.
  • A tax and accounting consultant at your service with a team behind them which covers all areas of taxation, accounting, human resources and legal services.
  • You will have a single point of contact who can internally delegate tasks to other colleagues. The important thing is to maintain fluid communication with the client at all times and avoid any misunderstandings. Having to speak to a different consultant for each area can lead to mistakes and communication issues, which ultimately means poorer service, less productivity and wasted time.
  • We are highly specialised in working with sole traders and SMEs in all sectors.
  • We speak English, Italian, French, Spanish and Catalan.

  • We provide a proactive service, whether it be regarding changes to legislation for subsidies or benefits or another area of interest for our clients.
  • Immediate response to any questions or incidents (we won’t take three days to provide a solution).
  • A3innuva system which allows you to connect to our server in real time.

  • A free online billing system for our clients.
  • Two offices in Barcelona, guaranteeing that we are never far away, with new Barcelona offices opening soon.
  • We can assist you in many more areas, such as banking, data protection law, health and safety, insurance, trademark registration, marketing, subsidies, financial planning and projects initiated using unemployment benefits.
  • No fixed-term contracts.
  • Our reliability – we will take care of any incident.
  • We are connected with our clients by phone or via Skype, WhatsApp or e-mail.
  • Exchange documentation on the cloud.
  • If required by the client, the collection of paper documentation can be included in the price.
  • Adaptability and flexibility to our clients’ needs.
  • We are passionate about our work.