Sage Connected Offices

At Horus Firm we use Sage Despachos connected, a new suite of online solutions that allows us to be in direct contact with our clients at all times.

Your accounting in real time and from wherever you are

Digitalization is today’s trend and our law firms and consultancies do not want to be left behind. With the technological transformation, we need to take advantage of it to keep growing and offer better and better services.

The perfect solution for law firms and consultancies!

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  • Employee portal: Online module that opens the company to employees.
  • Customer portal: Direct online sharing of information with your customers.
  • Notifications: Receive notifications from the General Treasury of the Social Security and the Tax Agency.
  • DigitalDocs: Associate documents with accounting entries.
  • Human Resources: Covers all aspects of the company’s relationship with employees.
  • Legal Contents: Access to manuals published by Lefebvre el Derecho.
  • Business Intelligence: Intelligent information management
  • SmartDocs: Access to contracts and legal documents.

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Sage Connected Offices represents a new step forward for software for professional offices. Three key points have been taken into account in the development of this program

Usability: simpler menus, fewer clicks and more direct options.

Innovation: automation, artificial intelligence and chatbots.

Connectivity: connection between offices and employees, between clients and other Sage applications and external ISVs.

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